Maybe you’ve been following us for a while or you might be completely new to our service. Either way you’re probably asking yourself, “What is Elevate?” Well, we spent a lot of time asking ourselves the same question. The short answer is that we are a CBD retail service powered by Grow Cart Delivery. 

The long answer (and also our mission statement) is this:  

We are here to provide high quality cannabis products for an accessible and consumer specific experience. We are allies for those seeking relief from stress, anxiety, fatigue, or physical discomfort by offering a variety of plant-based options. Fueled by product research and industry analysis, Elevate is consistently delivering a superior experience in the world of retail cannabis.

In our early phases, we operated completely under the name Grow Cart. But, as we develop and fine-tune our business we’re adapting to your needs. One of the biggest challenges we wanted to address immediately was product quality and accessibility. Sure, you can buy “CBD” products at just about any bodega, market, or gas station. But can you find potent oils and balms that have clinical results? Does the label tell you where the product was farmed? Do you have quantity options or access to samples? 

Elevate is a retail experience unlike your neighborhood corner shop. It’s a private experience hosting an array of products in a variety sizes and flavors with subscription options available. But most importantly, we are an invitation to Elevate™ your needs higher on the priority list and boost your everyday living to thriving.