Tonic Vibes Zone CBD Starter Kit (Luxury Relaxing Vape Pen & USB Battery)

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Clean, high quality, terpene-infused CBD vaporizer to get you in the ZONE.

Ingredients: Full spectrum, single origin hemp extract (CO2 extracted), limonene + pinene terpene infusion (pure, food grade)

starter kit includes cartridge (ceramic cell), battery (510 thread, 3.7v, buttonless), & USB charger

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Lab tested for purity and potency; equipped with Blue Bite NFC authentication technology to ensure traceability and verification throughout our supply chain.

570-600mg CBD / 1mL cartridge (because we don’t use any cutting agents, fillers, isolates or anything to alter the original CO2 extract, our final potency is dependent on the current batch of extract that we are using)

Curious about where your CBD comes from? Review the lab results or Certificate of Analysis: Tonic COA – Zone

*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

From The Tonic Vibes Founder

Working as a personal trainer, I needed something that could help me maintain the high energy level the job demanded even when I was feeling super depressed, while at the same time calming down the anxiety that had a tendency to overcome me out of nowhere.

I began combining CBD with ashwagandha root because they are both powerful adaptogens, defending against the effects of stress while working to restore and maintain the body’s ideal balance; they relieve anxiety, decrease inflammation and improve mental clarity; they are working towards the same goals, but affecting different pathways to get there.

The idea was that together they could cover more ground, doubling down on each other’s effects to create a stress-relieving, mood-boosting, adaptogenic powerhouse… and that’s exactly what happened.

That is why our CBD + ashwagandha blend is called the ‘The O.G.’, it was the original combination that started it all!

After experiencing first hand the difference that TONIC can make mentally and physically, I knew that quality and intention needed to be at the heart of TONIC in order to accomplish our mission to bring the most healing to the most people.

That is why we started our own hemp farm, Tricolla Farms, in upstate NY. Growing our own hemp flower allows us to dictate the cultivation practices, genetics, and overall quality of the plants that ultimately become your TONIC products.

Our original botanical blends elevate the benefits of CBD through the use purposeful, synergistic plant-based ingredients. We extract our complementary herbs in-house in small batches and hand pour every ingredient with care.

Thank you for caring about where your hemp is sourced and who you are supporting when you purchase your products; thank you for sharing your stories and spreading the word.

Your love, support, and most importantly, your trust is appreciated beyond words and I promise never to take it for granted.