Silverthorn Cherry Blossom – Certified Organic Hemp Flower

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  • Indica-dominant hybrid
  • Flavors: cherry, balance of fruity and earthy
  • Effects: Extreme relaxation and mild sedation
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Silverthorn Cherry Blossom is best used in the afternoon or evening in the comfort of your own home (not a great choice for a social setting), as it is extremely relaxing and has a mildly sedating effect. With a balance of fruity cherry and earthy floral flavors, this Indica dominant hybrid provides an excellent experience in taste and in relaxation. 


Silverthorn Cherry Blossom – Certified Organic Hemp Flower grown by Silverthorn Farm

Curious about where your CBD comes from? Review the lab results or Certificate of Analysis below:

Silverthorn Cherry Blossom COA


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Silverthorn Farm, owned and operated by Nate & Emily Parks, is a small, diversified vegetable and small animal farm located on 120 acres of land in northern Clinton county, near Rossville, Indiana. The farm has been in Emily’s family for generations. 240 acres were originally purchased by her great, great, great grandfather William Silverthorn in 1864. 120 of those original acres remain in the family. For decades the property was rented and farmed conventionally but we are committed to returning the land to a sustainable approach. We feel honored and blessed to be able to farm this piece of land and restore the farm’s original name.


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