Elevate Organic Farms Premium Hemp Flower – Frosted Lime (Sativa)

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Experiencing the “Frost”

Frosted Lime hemp strain lends an upbeat sense of well-being which wakes up the mind and the body. Part of the “frost effect” is how the citrus aroma blends with the skunky scent then “frosts” the tongue with sparkle and fizz. We all know the part of the day that we stumble through like a zombie with the feds after them. Those are the moments you need the “frost effect” to energize you to an upright awake posture.  Up to 18% CBD, Frosted Lime provides a suitable choice for daytime use with productivity but still a carefree demeanor.

Frosted Lime hemp strain is not only beneficial for daytime but as the smoke eases through you, this “frost effect” chases a buzz with a tickle to the throat and a scrape to the esophagus on through your body. And the good times roll as a pleasant well-being brings on the energy. Something to remember is that the potent effects are strong but pass rather quickly in case you need this for a brief stoke to your energy.

Color, Taste, Aroma

The color runs from light green to deep lime so is a strikingly beautiful plant. Frosted Lime hemp strain has a flavor profile that tastes like a delicious lime margarita on the rocks. It definitely heightens the buzz with a smoke that takes on a skunky flavor scraping the throat with lime.

The more experienced CBD hemp flower users tolerate the strength and bitterness of the flavor and delight in the skunky citrus aroma as they tour the land of “Frost” .

Frosted Lime Hemp Strain — Benefits

Great for pain and inflammation, Beta-mycrene creates an immediate benefit as an anti-inflammatory agent, pain relief and, a new one, has the ability to “steroidize” your immune system.1 In some cases, it is also used as a robust sedative to ease the nerves. It’s important to note this is dependent upon one’s dosage, consistency, and how the body responds. Myrcene terpene is significant in helping with absorption into the body. It also has the ability to fight cancer through your immune system.

Frosted Lime may stoke your day, but it will not frost your night with restful sleep. Look to an indica-dominant hemp strain.



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This industrial hemp product contains less than 0.3% THC Delta-9.

We recommend strongly that you act responsibly with this product and treat it as cannabis, as it may look and smell like other substances that may be controlled. Buy and consume at your own risk. Always exercise good judgement.


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