Grow Cart Delivery: CBD Philanthropy

Grow Cart Delivery: CBD Philanthropy

We are super excited to announce our latest philanthropy partnership with The Jewish Federation of Greater Indianapolis (JFGI) & Jewish Family Services (JFS)!

JFGI has a meaningful mission as the central philanthropic, planning, community engagement and unifying partner for the Greater Indianapolis Jewish Community. Basically, the Federation encompasses a vibrant network of people, agencies, programs and services that maintain and strengthen the Jewish community and its connection to the broader Indianapolis communities.

Additionally, JFGI’s sub-organizations and programming maintain a strong focus on Indianapolis’s religious, minority, immigrant, LGBTQ+ and special-needs communities. 

Jewish Family Services is a family-centric organization under the JFGI umbrella. JFS offers a continuum of multi-generational services that enhance the health, well-being, and dignity of families and older adults in the local community.

Family Services also houses central Indiana’s only Kosher food pantry (Popsie’s Pantry) free to the Jewish community who need it most such as holocaust survivors. Additionally, the organization raises funds & collects school supplies for students of the broader Indianapolis community. One of JFS’s greatest gifts to the Indianapolis Community is it’s Parent’s Night Out Program which provides a once a month low cost child care solution to the parents/guardians of special needs children who simply need a night off.

So, that’s the organization(s) in a nutshell but on a more personal note, I’d like to share with you my own story of impact made by JFGI.

In 2017, my then 3 year old was diagnosed with PANS, autoimmune inflammation of the basal ganglia region of the brain. Like any parent with a severely sick child, I was overwhelmed, scared and so incredibly tapped-out on financial resources; all the testing, medications & treatments were so expensive and not covered by insurance.

To my surprise, one early February morning, Debby Barton-Grant the Executive Vice President of The Jewish Federation of Greater Indianapolis called me. She warmly offered, “whatever your family needs, we will help”. My friends and family know I’m not the type to ask for help so her phone call was such a blessing in this dire situation. She connected me to the loving social workers at Jewish Family Services and by the end of that week we had our daughter’s testing fully paid for! What’s more, we are just 1 family out of thousands that have a story like this! This organization is truly doing incredible work and effecting real change in the live’s of Central Indiana Families!

Now you know a little about why we’re so happy to support The Jewish Federation of Greater Indianapolis, let’s discuss how our program works:

  1. Purchase from our website 
  2. At check out simply enter either code JFGI10 or JFS10
  3. 10% of your purchase will automatically go to The Jewish Federation of Greater Indianapolis and directly contribute to their array of organizations & programs.


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    Fantastic way to give back! Keep up the good work helping develope the brand new Hemp economy in Indiana & bringing only the best CBD products right to the doorstep of those who need it most! 👏

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    Thanks Jan! You’re one of our best customers…always asking good questions and supporting us every step of the way! <3
    You're exactly right, the Indiana Hemp economy is very new; only 8 months old now. Currently there are 100+ Licensed Indiana Hemp farmers working hard to grow the crop; only a few local manufacturers are processing the crop; even fewer local companies are set up, like our company, to distribute the final CBD product to customers in Indiana and nationally. We're so very honored to help in Indiana's 1st ever CBD Soil-to-Oil chain!

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    I’m loving the CBD Philanthropy idea!

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      Thank you!

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    💗 The idea if CBD Philanthropy!

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      Thanks love!

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