Hemp at the Crossroads

Hemp at the Crossroads

Indianapolis hosts inaugural Hemp at the Crossroads trade show, bringing together cannabis enthusiasts from across the Midwest.

A large group of attentive listeners watch a speaker at a hemp event. The listeners are seated at round tables in a beautiful, well-lit hotel event center.

Cannabis enthusiasts and entrepreneurs came together recently and made history, as the well-known Marriott event venue hosted the inaugural Hemp at the Crossroads trade show.

For two full days, information and opportunity collided for a historical event. The agenda was packed full of speakers: industry leaders from every sector, including Rebecca Raffle, CEO of Grow Cart Delivery.

“Our work comes from a place of service”, said Raffle. “We’ve seen how cannabis can change lives, and I’m thrilled to watch as hemp revitalizes local communities.”

The highly anticipated event brought out Hoosiers of all backgrounds who are interested in learning more about cannabis production in Indiana. Watch below as 13 Investigates discusses Hemp in the Heartland:

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