How CBD Can Help You Find the Calm in Being a Busy Parent

How CBD Can Help You Find the Calm in Being a Busy Parent

Wait a second… You take/eat/smoke CBD and you’re a parent?! Why yes, yes we do.

First off, let’s set the record straight on a few things… using CBD does not make you “high”. Yes, CBD and THC both come from the cannabis plant, but CBD is different than THC. Also, CBD is legal in all 50 states. You’re not doing anything “wrong” or illegal by using CBD. So calm down, Karen… If you’re one tantrum, sassy attitude, messy room, eye roll or door slam away from losing your cool, you’ve come to the right place.

Did you know the Indianapolis Elevate team is all women? And the majority of us are moms ourselves? So trust us when we say we suffered with you in solidarity through seasonal stresses.  Remember all those 2-hour delays due to negative temps and ice?! We still have PTSD from spending over an hour dressing our kids in head-to-toe in winter gear to play outside for approximately 0.23485 seconds before whines of “Mooooom!! There’s snow in my gloves!” came in. Those long, dreary winter months might be behind us (fingers crossed!), but now we’ve moved on to the season of spring showers. Why is it that the torrential downpour always starts ust as you’ve finished packing the car up to take your band of hooligans to the Indianapolis Zoo for the day? Ugh.

While weather woes can really rain on your family’s parade, we’re still parents with a very important job to get done. Just because we’re annoyed that we’ll be spending yet another day cooped up inside with our wild child, it doesn’t mean we get the luxury of calling in sick and taking a personal day to regroup. No matter our mood, there’s still dishes that need to be cleaned, emails answered, laundry folded, groceries put away, kids fed and entertained, etc. etc.

So, instead of spin into a frustrated flurry of chaos, what do we do? We take CBD.

CBD can help with any kind of mommy-meltdown (or daddy-dilemma) that may be on your horizon, for example…

  • Do you have a sore back or other muscles?
  • Do you feel completely uncentered and out of balance?
    • Were you trying to get some work done on your computer, but your creative juices keep getting interrupted by your toddler’s millionth shriek for help? Or maybe your teenager just got home from school to casually remind you the project you promised to help with is due tomorrow AND he signed you up to bring homemade baked goods for the team fundraiser. 
    • We got you! Moms are the queens of multi-tasking, but that often comes at a price. CBD helps maintain those high energy levels needed to conquer the day, while also giving you a longer fuse to help you stay even-tempered during those stressful moments.
    • We recommend Tonic Vibes Chill Oil, Wyld Vegan CBD Gummies, Plain Jane Odorless CBD Cigarettes, Silverthorn T2 Hemp Flower (certified organic and locally grown!) or Tonic Vibes Zone Vape.
      • If rolling joints seems a little intimidating to you, no worries! Check out this video. Or, if you’re local to Indy, join us on March 18 for our CBD Joint Rolling Class. Or, you can also just buy some pre-rolled joints from us!
  • Do you long for a full, rested night of sleep?
    • Were you trying to go to bed early, but can’t get your neverending to-do list out of your head? Or maybe your OCD kicks in as soon as your head hits the pillow, “Did I lock the front door?”, “Did I forget to give L her last dose of antibiotics?”, “Did I actually hit send or is that email still a draft?”.
    • We got you! CBD can help quiet the mind, helping you achieve that calm, deep sleep we all crave.
    • We recommend SLEEP by Mineral, Silverthorn Cherry Blossom Hemp Flower (certified organic and locally grown! Available pre-rolled or as loose flower), CalyFx Sleep vape cartridge or CBD Gummy Bears

No matter what’s causing you to lose your cool, don’t worry. We get it, trust us! We’ve been there. Being a parent is hard. But lucky for you, Elevate powered by Grow Cart is here to make sure you aren’t only surviving, but thriving.

Did we mention the free, same-day delivery for Indianapolis? You don’t even have to mess around with wrestling your crew into car seats! We deliver relief straight to your door. Not local, but still want to partake? No worries. We also offer free shipping within the US. For a full list of products and resources, visit us at