What is in my CBD gift basket?

What is in my CBD gift basket?

Hello! If you are reading this you received a Grow Cart Delivery CBD Gift Basket.

What is included in my basket?

1. CalyFX CBD Kit (CBD Oil Vape Pen)
* This is the BEST, most ‘farm to vape’ pen you can find
* Unscrew the USB charger from the battery (plug into any device to charge – tip of pen will turn green when fully charged)
* Take the rubber tip off of the oil cartridge
* Screw the oil into the pen
* Suck out of the top (no button to press)
* ~1-3 puffs per dose
* 200 doses per oil cartridge
* Organic, pesticide free, full spectrum CBD
* Works with any pen battery

2. Rooted Scales 750mg Pain Salve
* #ShopLocalIndy product and the best pain relieving CBD product on the market
* Open and rub a little bit of the salve onto any inflamed or painful area
* Amazing for sore muscles and joints
* Great for arthritis, diabetes swelling and severe pain (may take a few applications to build up the needed dosage to handle the pain)
* A lot goes a very long way. Only a little is needed to work wonders.

3.DomPen CBD Vape – Sexy, discrete CBD vape pen
* Just suck in through the hole at the top (no button to press)
* Comes in mint, mango and berry flavors
* 100% CBD (organic, pesticide free)
* ~1-3 hits per dose
* Instant anxiety relief and relaxation
* Disposable, 200 doses (give back to driver when empty for a $5 credit, so the pen can be recycled)

4. Rooted Scales 750mg Oil – Powerful, full spectrum CBD Oil
* 25mg dose per dropper
* Start with one dose, wait 30 mins, take more if needed
* Severe pain patients will require the 2400mg dose oil
* Natural, lemon or peppermint flavors
*Organic, pesticide free, full spectrum CBD

5. Rooted Scales Furry Friends Blend (Pet Calming Oil) – Perfect for any fur baby who is anxious or in pain
*#ShopLocalIndy product
* 1/2 – 1 dropper depending on the size of your pet
* 100% organic, pesticide free CBD (no THC)
* Administer in mouth to be absorbed by gums
* Fast acting formula

6. Dope Dog Calming Crunchies – Calming, relaxing dog treats
* Delicious, ‘farm to table’ organic dog treats
* Perfect for car rides, boarding or separation anxiety
* Fast acting
* 100% human grade, organic ingredients
* 3rd party lab tested for quality and safety
* Delicious peanut butter, sweet potato or salmon flavors

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