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Elevate is a retail experience unlike your neighborhood corner shop. It’s a private experience hosting an array of products in a variety sizes and flavors. But most importantly, we are an invitation to Elevate™ your needs higher on the priority list and boost your everyday living to thriving.

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With over 15 years of experience, in both baking and the cannabis industry, our team came together to help local pain and anxiety patients get fresh baked (pun intended) CBD edibles. Since our inception, we have grown tremendously and now ship CBD chocolates and CBD baked goods nationwide, to any home or office.


who we are

We are a team of strong and fearless females who are changing the game in the cannabis industry.

We are here to provide high quality cannabis products for an accessible and consumer specific experience. We are allies for those seeking relief from stress, anxiety, fatigue, or physical discomfort by offering a variety of plant-based options. Fueled by product research and industry analysis, Elevate is consistently delivering a superior experience in the world of retail cannabis.

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What Our Customers Say

“I’m so glad you’re here and that this is a thing! I love it. I love how the products make me feel relaxed but not “high” or out of it.”
Dedicated Customer
“Having a local and free delivery CBD option has completely changed my life and allows me to get the products I need on demand!”
Dedicated Customer

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